US Domain Authority

Recently I got a letter in the mail for one of my businesses.  It came from US Domain Authority.  It looks exactly like a bill would, asking for $289 to register my domain in their directory.  I think this is tacky and dishonest.  If you want to make a directory for local businesses, that’s fine.  If you want to charge people to be listed on it, that’s fine too.  However, making it look like an important bill that needs to be paid is wrong.  There’s some good articles talking about this online, I am sure if you search you will find a plethora of other articles mentioning this scam.  I only call it a scam because of the letter.  Be aware, and do some research before buying into this garbage!

Peter Wilson from Biz Marketing actually made a short public service announcement on his YouTube channel about this.  Thanks Peter, you’re a hero.  I am glad your video shows up on the search results for

See how I keep adding in my post so google will pick up my article? haha.

And because I have nothing better to do, I have registered the domains and and have them direct here to this page.  Hopefully google picks it up and it appears on search results when people search 

Moral to the story, don’t be a jerk.  I hate scammers, I hate scams and when I see crap like this, I just want to write about it and do something.  I can’t do much, but whatever.  I own those domains now, so that’s cool.  Alright y’all, have a good day!  Catch you on the flip side.