I thought my M1 Macbook was dead 🙁

Just a week ago, my OnePlus 7 Pro had some display issues, causing the screen to turn a weird green color, and not function properly.  I knew this was because of a previous break on the display from dropping it at my job on a construction site a few months prior.  Luckily, the cost of replacing the display is not too much, and I have requested an RMA and in the meantime, I have purchased another OnePlus 7T phone to use from a friend local to me.  Today though, I woke up, wanting to use my MacBook Air and it wouldn’t turn on at all.  I panicked a little bit and rushed to search online forums for some answers. As it turns out, the M1 Macs don’t have any SMC reset features, so I thought I was at a loss and needed to return my MacBook to Apple.  Luckily, after trying a few different charging cables, I finally got the thing to turn on.  I am torn, I believe I should still return the device or have it looked at.  The last thing I would want it for it to fail shortly after my warranty expires, much like my old MacBook Pro.  

OnePlus 7 Pro Break

I think I am just a bit exhausted with the Apple ecosystem, though I have always been an avid collector and fan of their products, I find it hard to justify the amount of money I’ve lost over the years from defective products, or products that have failed from no fault of my own and costing a ton of money to repair.  As it is, I lightly use my M1 MacBook Air.  I take it with me on travels where I know I will be enjoying the company of my friends and nature more than being on my laptop.  It’s a snappy device, that’s lightweight and easily able to quickly edit some of my camera’s photos in Lightroom.

Photo of my Tundra taken with my Sony A6300

Like this photo taken in California’s Central Valley and edited during my travel through Wine Country.  This kind of photo editing is perfect on the M1 MacBook.  It doesn’t get hot either, and the battery lasts for days on a single charge with light usage.  I am glad my little M1 MacBook didn’t take a dump on me today, although I am still under warranty and a replacement would be pretty easy, I don’t want to deal with the hassle of it all.