Gosh Darned Feelings...

Today has been an interesting day for me to say the least.  I woke up feeling a bit grumpy, but started the day alright before work.  My wife was up early in the morning and I think she tried to comfort me the best she could, but I was ranting again about my feelings toward our relationship, and our relationship with other friends.

Often times I find it hard to be married, but after three years, I am still just as much in love as I was when we got together.  Usually I find myself making poor decisions that end up hurting us down the road instead of standing my ground and attempting to explain why I might think that things could be better.  I don’t know, it’s weird.


Fast forward to work, I started off strong.  I was doing alright when my equipment took a dump on me.  I asked my supervisor for assistance, but it took him over two hours to help me out.  Two hours I was just waiting around doing nothing.  I was on my phone a lot and listening to podcasts, but even that got boring after a while since I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

 I did manage to clear out the queue I was given at work though, even with the delay.  I just think I would have rather been more productive instead of less.  Would have been nice to get ahead instead of just being caught up, especially after last week.

Exciting news though, I put in my application for a fursuit by MadeFurYou.  I really hope this time I am able to get a slot.  This would be the first fursuit I got of my character in over a decade, and I am just really excited for it.  I have been working hard these last few years, on everything from my credit score, to my friendships and relationships.  Financially, I have not been this well off in a long time, though I do still have some debts to sort out.

The night ended mostly well, with my wife and I watching shows and a movie with some friends while she peeks over my shoulder and reads me type all this lmao.  I don’t mind, I am glad she takes an interest in what I have to say.  Maybe she will even check this website from time to time.  Yay!  One subscriber, sweet!

Well, I am glad I got to get it out today, I will be back on tomorrow with some more updates I guess! <3


Love you all!