Finally! It works!

So it turns out, the cable I had for my MacBook Pro wasn’t good anymore.  That’s fine, I went to the store and bought another USB-C cable and was able to successfully get my MacBook to charge.  I figured that might have been the problem earlier.  The odd thing though, is that the cable works fine to charge my other devices.  It even charges my Samsung Galaxy S8 at “fast” speed with a GAN wall adapter, the same one I use on my MacBook Pro.  I bought the long USB-C cable from monoprice, and it has been good to me for a long time.  I am not sure why today it decided it didn’t like my MacBook anymore, but hey.  It’s not all bad.  At least I got it to work, so I can post updates on here flawlessly on the go, instead of being on my desktop back at home.

Speaking of updates, I am getting the feeling this might be a good place for me to actually post them unfiltered.  I feel safe here in a way.  I know that none of the people I know are actually going to read this stuff anyway.  I would be surprised if anyone close to me ever even finds this page and goes through the nonsensical junk about my MacBook and the broken cable to get to the juicy stuff at the bottom.  I feel like I can vent here, away from twitter and the people around me.  It might be some kind of therapy to share my thoughts alone in the dark.  I mean, especially lately, I have been super stressed out with lots of things.  The rental property is a big one.  I have one tenant leaving, and another I had to let go.  I never wanted to be that kind of landlord, I never wanted to be the guy that kicks someone out.  That hurts me a lot, but the circumstances required it.  He attacked another tenant, then grabbed a weapon.  It’s almost unbelievable but the security camera picked it up and I watched the footage.  This is one of the reasons I don’t enjoy doing any kinds of drugs for fun.  I don’t like what it can do to people, and although, it hasn’t effected me in the past this way, I don’t want to take the chance that it does.  Regardless of the drug talk, I don’t feel good about essentially kicking someone out, especially now with the whole pandemic going on.

It is what it is....

and I will do my best to stay positive, regardless of what’s going on.  I love you all, if you read to this point, thanks.